Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Nursery Progress

Well, I finally took pictures of our nursery progress thus far. We have made some serious strides in the last couple weeks. I'm loving how it is turning out. I cannot wait to see it when it's all finished, which won't be until after the baby is here as we have some gender and name specific elements planned.

So, let's start the tour...

Our super cool clock, so we know exactly what time those nighttime feedings are happening!

Our paper lantern mobile-ish decoration. I think the baby will be entertained by it from both the crib & the changing table. So far, these are my favorite part!

A glimpse of the changing table and the crib.

Our new Lay-Z-Boy recliner/rocker with our curtains and valance. Grandma Les made our valance for us out of some extra fabric that matches the bedding Kaitlyn & her mom are making for us.

A better picture of the crib & changing table.

So there it is in all it's green glory! Like I said I'm really loving it so far. Just a few finishing touches left! Craig has worked really hard with putting everything together and hanging everything up. He's been really patient with me throughout this process. I think he's done a great job!

We did a little photo shoot the other day with Izzy because we wanted a special picture of her to hang in the nursery. These were our favorites...

She looks more puppy like in this one...probably why I liked it so much!

Here she is getting ready to pounce!

And, this is her all cute and cuddly!

We had our latest check-up with the doctor today. Everything is still looking really good! I'm measuring right on schedule at 31 weeks and all of my labs are within my normal ranges. I'm also finally gaining a little weight, which is good since I hadn't much up until this point. Now, let's hope I don't balloon too much over the next 9ish weeks! Here's a picture from today, as you can see I'm definitely growing. The color got a little funky with this one...not sure why!

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