Wednesday, February 17, 2010

32 Weeks

We hit another milestone tomorrow at 32 weeks...8 months! Where has the time gone? It seems like it was just yesterday that it was a sauna out and we were adjusting to the fact that we were going to become parents. Crazy! My how time flies!

We are feeling pretty good these days! I'm having more and more swelling and back pain, but all of this is "normal" as per my doctor and to be expected. Craig says I'm huge on a regular basis, so I guess that means I'm also growing daily. He also says that I'm fidgety, and I say that's because I'm very rarely comfortable these days.

Daddy Craig is getting very impatient with the waiting game. We have a little under 2 months to go, and he's ready to meet this little one now! The nursery has become his "baby", so he spends a lot of time in there trying to make sure everything is just so! As you can see, it's coming together nicely! Izzy is also enjoying the nursery and getting used to all these baby things that are suddenly appearing in the house. I even found her napping in the nursery all by herself last week. It was very cute! I have a feeling she will be involved in all the nighttime feedings, and may even make that room part hers!

We met with a pediatrician tonight after work! She was really nice, and I am confident she will be good for us and the baby! Another big "check" off our list!

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