Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Here are the pics from the ultrasound! The little squirt was wiggling all around and playing peek-a-boo the whole time, with the little hands covering the face most of the time. We did manage to get a few good pictures!

Here's a profile picture of the face!

Here a picture looking down at both arms, flailing about!

Here's a picture of the head and body! She estimated the little one weighs about 9oz right now!

Here's a shot of the spinal cord!

Finally, this is the feet, well at least one of them! Look at the cute little toes!

So, it's been a pretty exciting day here for the Mencke family! Baby and Mom both checked out fine, so we're good to go for another 4 weeks! Oh, and Dad's pretty smitten with the baby pics...he's scanned them, printed them, uploaded them, and text them to everyone! It's pretty cute! Oh, and Uncle Chip has already been over to see the pictures in person! It's getting more and more real everyday!

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  1. yay! Those are great pics. I love the feet one. That is priceless.


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