Thursday, August 30, 2012

Summer days

 We've been enjoying what's left of the summer these past few weeks.  We took advantage of that wonderful weather we had earlier this month and spent a lot of time outside!  Delaney is getting better and better with her tricycle!  She has figured out that pedaling makes it go!  She does had a knack for taking a few tumbles, so we invested in a helmet!  It's a little big on her (and not properly tightened in this picture), but we're hoping it will work for the rest of this year and next!
 Little Miss D has been going through an adjustment period over the last couple weeks.  She lost 3 of her daycare buddies to kindergarten this year and gained two new friends in their place.  Needless to say, this rocked Delaney's world.  I think she felt a little lost as to where she fits in now that her friends are gone and she's one of the "big kids".  After a few days of moping and extra neediness, Holly & I caught on and she's been doing better.  Nothing a few extra moments of attention and hugs won't cure! 
 We did a little baking last weekend, and Delaney enjoyed both the batter & the cupcakes!  This girl has definitely inherited our sweet tooths and her Momma's chocolate addiction!  Poor girl!  At least I have someone to share/split treats with...not that I ever share them ;)!  If she's ever given a choice, she will choose chocolate over any other flavor...that's my girl!
 We've been very artistic on the driveway lately!  She usually requests her Sesame Street friends, along with her name, and other various wildlife.  She loves to instruct us on what to draw & where!  She also has this new fascination with a sponge mop we store in the garage.  Her new thing is to use it to smudge up all our chalk drawings!  Silly girl!
With the cooler weather, we were able to let her hair down a bit!  Isn't it getting long?  I think we might be inching closer to her first hair cut (only a little trim) before too long!  It's so pretty when it's all down and curly, but I have to say it makes her look way to grown up!  My little baby is long gone! 

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