Monday, September 10, 2012

Weekend with Chase

We started off the weekend Friday night with a 65th Wedding Anniversary celebration for Craig's grandparents!  I will have to get pictures from his mom, as I managed to not take any!  After the dinner, Craig headed back to Lincoln to prepare for his boys trip down to Kansas City for the Chiefs game.  If you are at all familiar with our household football preferences, you'll know we had a rough weekend!  The Huskers lost, the Chiefs lost, the Packers lost, and it looks like we'll both be losing our first week of fantasy football (I have a last chance to take the lead tonight in the San Diego vs. Oakland game...fingers crossed!)  It was a rough weekend for football fans like us!

Delaney and I stayed up North to spend some time with Chase (& his lovely parent) who came to Tekamah to meet us in the middle.  We hadn't seen them since Okoboji, which was almost 2 months ago!  Chase has changed so much!  He is full on toddler now, running and keeping up with Delaney as best he can!  The kids had a lot of fun playing, fighting, and getting spoiled by their doting grandparents.  It's going to be so much fun watching these two grow up together!  We're all still adjusting to them not living in Tekamah, but it is fun to all shack up under one roof for a couple nights!
After nap time on Saturday, we took the kids for a walk over to visit Grammy H!
We expected a lot of kicking and fighting, but they rode so nice together in the wagon!  It was so cute, Chase would point things out to Delaney along the way and she would respond as if he was giving her a grand tour of the city!
We rolled the wagon right on into Grammy's room and gave all the residents quite the parade!  She said she was bored that day, so we gave her a little excitement with the two little ones!

Then, Papa came home from work and both the kids were sooo excited to see them!  They have trouble sharing their grandparents...good thing Papa has a lap big enough for the two of them!

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