Wednesday, January 18, 2012


I realize that in all the holiday craziness and illnesses, I haven't told you much about Delaney lately.  It seems as thought our tiny, little baby is long gone.  Delaney is a full-blown toddler now with a mind of her own and enough personality to keep us on our toes.  As we are inching closer to her birthday, I fear the "Terrible Twos" are here to stay.  Her language development has been amazing lately.  Some of the things this girl says is absolutely hilarious! 

We do contact "checks" of where everyone is and what they are doing. Such as:
Delaney "Mommy?"
me "Yes, D?"
Delaney "Izzy?"
me "Izzy is taking a nap."
Delaney "Izzy nap."
Delaney "Mommy?"
me "Yes, D?"
Delaney "Daddy?"
me "Daddy went buh-bye.  Daddy's at work."
Delaney "Daddy buh-bye."
me "Yep."
Rinse, Repeat 600 times consecutively before 8:30 a.m. EVERY.SINGLE.MORNING.
Once in a while, she branch out to get reports on the whereabouts of her papas, grandmas, chase, etc.  It's a fun game we play ALOT!

Her latest trick has been to take her little potty step stool, that's supposed to help her get on and off the big-girl potty, all over the house.  She has discovered this amazing tool can give her access to the whole new world of kitchen counters and bathroom drawers.  Delaney has always been exceptionally tall for her age, but add another 6 inches with the stool and there's really nothing off limits for that kid.  Case in point, yesterday morning I was in the bathroom getting ready for work, while Delaney was running around.  I had forgotten she had taken her stool out to the kitchen while I was getting her milk & Cheerios for her.  Next thing I know, I hear the contents of a treat bag from Reed's birthday party being dumped all over my coffee table.  She had used her little stool to get up and reach the bag off the counter.  I peak out the door to see pretty little D, shoveling fistfuls of candy and treats into her smiling face.  Candy for breakfast=mom of the year, right here!

Mealtime has also become a chore lately.   She used to be such a good eater, but now not so much.  She eat what she wants, when she wants, and that's it.  One day she'll love something, and the next she won't even touch it.  She has started this  new thing where she thinks she needs assistance with her silverware.  She will ask for help, and when we tell her she's a big girl and can do it by herself...she throws the spoon or fork on the ground and laughs.  She also gets rather amused with throwing food on the ground (which of course makes her Izzy's best friend.)  I try to feed her good, healthy, well-rounded meals, but these days it's like pulling teeth.  I really hope this is just a stage.

The potty training introduction phase is still going well.  She consistently goes in the potty before bath each and every night, and multiple times a day when we are home on the weekends.  We have still never had any success with #2, but we haven't pushed it yet.  Other than before bath every night, we haven't pushed the potty on her.  She is very interested in the potty and when everyone else is using it, so I think we are on the right track.  I'm seriously considering full-on potty training her in a couple weeks when daycare is closed for a week.  I don't know if she's quite ready yet, but I think she's pretty close. 

My little diva is also starting to have a little more preference in what she is wearing.  Some days she doesn't say a word, and others she'll throw a fit until she I put on one of her "kitty" shirts.  She also almost always selects her own shoes for the day.  I can see the shoe fetish I created isn't going away any time soon...sorry Craig!  She also demands to wear her stocking hat every day when I put on her coat.  Even if it's 60 degrees outside, she'll say "hat, too, Mommy?" and take a lot of convincing that she doesn't need it.  I can only imagine this clothes struggle is only going to get worse.

Well, that's the latest and greatest on Miss D for now.  I know it's totally random, but I wanted to have this down so that six months from now when the real "Terrible Twos" are in full-swing I can look back to a calmer time in our house.  Ha!

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