Friday, December 23, 2011

Delaney & Sugar are not friends

Well maybe I should rephrase that...Delaney & Sugar plus Mommy are not friends.  Yesterday, I took a big decorated Eileen's sugar cookie over to Holly's as  Delaney's Christmas gift to all her friends over there.  It also gave Holly a break from making snacks that day.  (I had done the same thing last year, but Delaney was too little to actually enjoy the treat with her friends!)  Well this totally backfired on me yesterday.  Of course, all the kids loved it, but if they had the reaction to it that my kid had I'm sure that I was being cussed all over the city of Lincoln last night.  Sorry fellow parents!

Don't get me wrong, Delaney had had her fair share of sugar over the last 21 months.  Cakes, cookies, candy, you name it she's tried it.  Yesterday was totally different!  That sugar cookie might as well have been made out of crack because my kid went crazy!  It was like we gave her speed and caffeine!  It was like talking to a brick wall last night trying to get her to behave.  She didn't hear me or care about anything I had to say.   It was a nightmare!

It was one of those awful nights that by the time I laid her down in her crib and walked away I was at my wits end.  It was a RELIEF that it was bedtime!  Then, of course, like I always do after a rough evening, by 9 o'clock I was calmed down and feeling guilty for being so mad at her.  Why does that always happen?!?  I've had some serious "Mommy guilt" moments lately anyway between shipping her here and there for a few nights, and being gone, etc.  I just can't shake the feeling that I'm a horrible mother sometimes.  I love that little twerp like nobody's business, but man, sometimes she makes my heart hurt!  Next year, I'm taking an Edible Arrangement...

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