Monday, July 25, 2011

Okoboji 2011

We spent last week at one of my favorite places...Lake Okoboji!  As always, we had a great time full of fun, food, and family time!  The crazy heat and humidity dealt us some fits, so Delaney and I spent a lot of time inside.  We thought Delaney had recovered from her ear infection before we left, but she rapidly became a crabby, clinging little girl.  We attributed it to the heat, lack of sleep, and teething.  By Wednesday she was getting progressively worse, so I decided I should have her checked out.  After being turned away by two different doctor's clinics, we headed to the ER.  Twenty minutes later we left with a double ear infection diagnosis and a prescription for antibiotics.  She didn't make a miraculous recovery overnight, but we slowly started down the road to recovery.  It was an exhausting trip, but I would go back tomorrow if I could!   Thanks to my wonderful family for a fabulous family vacation...can't wait until next year!

   Delaney took a couple of boat rides on Uncle Nick's boat!     Nick even let her drive!
Here's the whole Bryant clan lakeside after breakfast one morning!  
 We took Delaney swimming one afternoon in Aunt Leah's hotel pool!  It was crazy steamy in there, so this is the only picture that turned out!  D had quite the time swimming with her Daddy, Papa, and cousins Jacob & Trevor!  She sure is a water baby!
 In our attempts to keep Delaney happy, we offered Fruit popsicles!  Obviously, she enjoyed them!
 Of course, we have a few Baby Chase pictures!  Isn't he such a cutie?!?
 He's getting so big and changing so fast! 
 Here's Chase and his Mommy hanging out at the Barefoot Bar! 
 Delaney and I had a little fun at the Barefoot too, even though she wasn't feeling the greatest!  We got out of the house for a little while!
 Everyone getting a little cozy (and punchy) on the couch!
 We went on a Sunset Cruise with Jess and Nick Thursday night...Craig refused to take a nice picture with me...isn't this cute?
 Here are Grandma & Papa with there two grandbabies!  I'm sure they got home Saturday night and just collapsed after a week of helping us so much with these two! 
 We did an impromptu family photo before we left Saturday.  It was a little steamy hence the haze in the picture, but we'll take it! 

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