Friday, July 8, 2011

I spoke too soon...

We are now dealing with another first at our house...Delaney has her first ear infection, and it's not just an ear's a double ear infection! This lovely condition was caused by all the drainage that she's had since last week...which is also the same virus that presented like pink eye, even through it was likely just part of the virus. After not sleeping through the night since Sunday, and waking up yesterday with goopy eyes, a faucet nose, and a nasty cough I decided to call the doctor. It was one of the few random days that I absolutely had to be at work and Craig couldn't get away, so I sent her to Holly's with severe apologies and guilt. Holly was very understanding!

After a conversation with one of the nurses, we decided we better get D into see one of the doctors to figure out what was going on. I had to trek clear across town to get the last appointment available yesterday, but after we saw the doctor I'm so glad I did. She said that the right ear is really bad, and the left is getting there. We have 10 day of Amoxicillian ahead of us, and a re-check of her ears scheduled for next Friday since we are leaving for the lake on Saturday! If it's not better we will have to go with a stronger antibiotic and ear stuff! Luckily, so far Delaney seems to tolerate the Amoxicillian, she apparently like the taste of it which has helped tremendously! She also has not shown any signs of allergic reaction to it...I was a little worried since she hasn't had any real (non-OTC) medication yet and her cousin is allergic to penicillin. Let's hope that the meds help, and our little girl is good as new by the time we leave for vacation! I'm tired of sickness!

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