Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Catching our breath

It's been a crazy few weeks around here. This coming weekend will be the first (and last) for quite some time that we will actually be home in Lincoln without any major plans. We are all looking forward to it. We have had many fun (and some not so fun) times lately, but all the running around and traveling is starting to take a toll. We have made numerous trips up North to Tekamah for various family events and visits. Craig's grandpa has had another bout with illness, but is not doing much better and recovering in Tekamah. Delaney has held up pretty well with the constant business, but she did have a run-in with pink eye last week! Nasty stuff! We spent Thursday and Friday home doing drops trying to get un-contagious before the big weekend! I think we have successfully gotten rid of the bug, and managed to not get anyone else sick! Phew!

I have been continuing with my running program. After battling nasty shin splints for the first few weeks, I am finally starting to feel better when I'm running! I think my new shoes definitely help! I about 3 weeks away from the 5k, I'm not as scared now as when I started the seems doable now! Considering how anti-running I have been more whole life, this is quite an accomplishment!

We had a great Fourth of July weekend! We started it off by celebrating a friend's recent marriage at a wedding reception in Gretna Friday night. Congratulations Grant & Maria! Delaney spent some quality time with her Uncle Brent, Auntie Buff, and crazy cousins Sydney, Jaiden, & Tyler while we went out. She had a big time!

Saturday, we headed up to the farm. We all managed to take some much-needed naps Saturday afternoon, so we were ready to take in the festivities at Northridge Saturday night. They had live music, kiddie games, and awesome fireworks! I think this is going to be a great, new tradition for Tekamah! After the fireworks in Tekamah, we headed back to the farm for Craig & Brent's show. It was actually fairly impressive! (Delaney wasn't too into the firework this year, so she went to bed before the show at the farm!)

Sunday we celebrated Chase's baptism! It was a wonderful day for everyone! I was honored to become his godmother! Craig did a fine job standing in for Nick's brother, Brandon, as godfather. Brandon is serving in the US Air Force in Afghanistan right now, so obviously he couldn't be there with us on Sunday. Everyone did get to visit with him via Skype Sunday afternoon, which was nice! Chase did wonderful throughout the ceremony. He didn't even cry when the water was poured over his head. We may have another water baby on our hands!

Monday was the annual 4th of July parade in Tekamah! As opposed to last year, Delaney was far more entertained by the parade this year. She loved the candy, people watching, and floats! She even stayed out of the street, which I consider to be a huge victory! We enjoyed a family lunch in Tekamah and then headed home to Lincoln Monday afternoon. We made it home to enjoy some dessert with our new neighbors. We also discovered we live in a neighborhood full of pyromaniacs! Our house was actually shaking with some of the fireworks! We could feel vibrations in our bed! It was a little nuts! I suppose we were annoyed because we had already done the fireworks thing twice, and were pretty much zombies by Monday night!

I hope to get some pictures posted from the weekend soon! Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

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