Thursday, June 2, 2011


FYI...our home computer is still on the fritz, so we won't have any pictures today! Boo!

In other news, Delaney is a busy as ever these days. She is a full-on walker/runner! She jabbers all the time, and is learning new actual words on a daily basis. She is still on her hunger strike, and chooses only to eat what she wants when she wants it. Every day it's something different! She seems to be looking more and more like a little kid instead of my little baby. We have a 15 month check up in a few weeks, so we will see how much she has been growing with all of this new found mobility! Delaney had her first sleepover at Me-Ma & Papa Bryant's last weekend! She apparently was a very good girl, and they had a ball spoiling her! She has a big of a split personality some minute she's throwing her food and screaming, and then the next she's giving us kisses! It's adorable and exhausting all at the same time. Just this past Tuesday, she blew me a kiss as I left her at Holly's! That was one of those moments that just makes a Mom's heart hurt!

Craig has been busy with household chores lately. He has been cultivating our garden with some serious TLC. We have attempted various vegetable in the previous 2 years we've been in the house without much success, so this year he took a different approach. We had to replant the entire garden already once this year since a late-freeze killed all our little veggies. We have no replanted everything, and so far it seems to be thriving! We have also started the process of transitioning our home over to satin nickel versus polished brass hardware & light fixtures. This will probably take us several months to complete it all in stages, but it has become and we have beautiful new door knobs to prove it! Craig has also nursed the lawn back to health after a miserable summer last year that killed quite a bit of our grass. It looks so nice right now, and many of our flowers are blooming!

I am about ready to do my last day of the 30 Day Shred. It obviously took me a lot longer than 30 days to complete it, but I stuck with it and have got it done! I am also on my 5th week of Weight Watchers. So far, it has gone great! I have lost over 6 pounds, and I feel better. It is totally doable because there is nothing that I can't have I just have to account for it! It's a slow, uphill battle, but so far it's going well! Next week, I will start a different video series to give myself some variety, so we will see what that's like! Other than all of that, I'm just living the dream as a working Mom!

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