Thursday, June 9, 2011

Reporting back

Well, I successfully survived night 1 of "Beginner's Luck", the running program I started this week. I'm feeling the pain today, but it wasn't horrible. There were definitely a few moments when I thought I was in over my head, but thanks to my trusty sidekick Kaitlyn I kept going. I'm still a little overwhelmed by it all, but I'm very happy I joined. It definitely helps to do this with a good friend!

I've been trying to take various steps lately to a healthier lifestyle, so this is an excellent addition to my plan. It also helps me dedicate a little bit more time for myself, which I also think helps promote a healthy lifestyle. I'm hoping I can continue with the routine I've had for the past month or so, by getting up early at 6 and doing my run/workout before Craig leaves for work. That way my run or video (depending on the day) is done for the day before Delaney gets up and the craziness takes over. I am also notorious for finding excuses if I put it off to later in the day, so this plan works for me...especially since I don't have to sacrifice any precious time with my sweet little D.

Last night, we had an awesome speaker that provided some serious inspiration! Check out his blog when you have a chance...

Also, here's a video he put together of his story!

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