Friday, February 11, 2011

One of those mornings....

This morning is one of those stories that will come back to haunt Delaney later in life, so I want to make sure I have it recorded somewhere for reference. Everything was going as a typical morning at the Mencke house goes. Craig had left for work, and the girls and I were getting ourselves ready for the day. We had finished breakfast, and I had Delaney all dressed and ready for the day. She sat and played with her bath toys while I took a quick shower. Just like a normal day, and then all hell broke lose.

I suddenly caught a whiff of that all too familiar scent...poo! Naturally, I scooped D up and headed for the changing table. I had just opened up the nasty diaper, when Delaney decided it would be fun to roll over. The struggle commences...I would turn her back flat over and over. She got increasingly more determined and feisty with every attempt. About the fifth time, she managed to land her sock-covered foot in the poo-filled diaper. Can you say gross? I immediately strip off the socks, and in the meantime discover that not only has her sock been poo-ified, but her adorable hot pink and zebra striped outfit was nasty now too.

She had an orange for dinner last night, which made her poo this weird consistency. I couldn't help myself but to imagine the poo-flinging chimps on Madagascar. It was nasty! She had little pieces of it all over. She wouldn't sit still for anything, so I wiped off as much as I could and put her down on the floor. I turned around and began to clean up the changing table and put her nasty clothes in the hamper. I turned back around to discover she was mooning Izzy! Poor dog didn't know what to do, but of course curiosity and her beagle nose got the best of her!

Of course, it was adorable and funny, but I don't know if I have ever been so frustrated with my beautiful little girl! After a 10 minute wrestling match on her bedroom floor, I got her re-dressed in an equally cute outfit. I got her situated with some of her toys and continued on my morning routine. After I was all ready and dressed, I went to put D's coat on her...

Then, I discovered that she has spit up all over herself. Battle number two commences... She didn't need a diaper change this time, so there was no streaking and no poo flinging; however, it was just as much of a struggle. We wrestled around for a good 5 minutes, and I had her dressed again. (Thank goodness this child with and extensive, adorable wardrobe!) Sometime during one of these two battles she suffered an scratch on her face, it very easily could have came from either one of us...but, I know she didn't have it at breakfast! I hope it was a self-inflicted wound!

We headed out the door and made our way to Holly's! She was wound up and all over the place as soon as we got there. I'm very nervous for the report we'll get from her later this afternoon. I have a feeling little Miss D's ornery side is shining bright today! Here's a picture to brighten your day! Happy Friday!

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