Thursday, November 13, 2014

Cooper-11 months

Cooper turned 11 month old this week!  Here he is with his crazy hair!  I can't believe we are now less than a month from his first birthday!  Time escapes me on a daily basis, but this last year (as long and exhausting as it's been) has absolutely flown by!  The little man has changed quite a bit in the last month.  He's weighing in at 18 lbs 9 oz.  I'm not sure how long/tall he is, I should measure that!  He's still wearing 9 month size clothes and size 3 diapers.  He's still working on more teeth, as he still only has the bottom 2 in.  The doctor says all 4 on top are bulging and ready to pop through any time.

Cooper is standing more than sitting it seems like these days.  He is constantly pulling up on furniture, toys, even walls.  He cruises around furniture almost running.  He's crazy!  He still takes some crazy falls when he gets a little too ambitious, but he seems like a tough kid as most of the falls don't hardly phase him.  We have even caught him standing unassisted a few times here in the last week, so I'm betting we have a walker by the time his birthday rolls around!

Cooper has had some major diet changes in the last month.  We started formula a month ago.  I was really hoping to make it to a year nursing, but between me being sick for about 6 weeks straight and Cooper not really caring too much it just didn't work out.  He has adjusted fine to the formula, so that is a blessing.  He has also decided he's done with baby food...all cereal, purees, etc. have been completely boycotted for a few weeks now.  He wants the real food, and he devours it.  He seems like like most things we've given him.  Bananas are a complete favorite right now. He'll eat a whole banana if we let him.  He also gets really mad if one of us are eating anything and don't share with him.  He's at that little birdie stage that will crawl over, stand up, and open his mouth for a bite like a little bird!

He's a mischievous little man.  He is constantly getting into things he shouldn't, and he gets the naughtiest little grin on his face when scolded.  He loves to play, and he loves people.  He'll play on his own if you're in the same room as him, but if you're not he'll follow you wherever you go...the kitchen, the bathroom, doesn't matter!  He's become particularly interested in what Daddy's up to lately.  He's on the verge of dancing, which I'm anxiously awaiting, as he'll start bouncing a little and shaking when he hears a tune he likes.  I can't want for a Delaney & Cooper dance party!

Cooper has graduated to "big boy" baths this month.  He now sits on his own and plays with his toys in the water.  He LOVES bathtime!  If the water starts, he makes a beeline for the bathroom.  If it's Delaney's turn and he has to wait, he stands on the side of the tub whining to get in.  They have even started bathing together which they have both really enjoyed.  I'm sure this won't be practical or appropriate for very long, but for now it's fun!

Next week, Cooper is going to have a outpatient surgery to open up his tear ducts that have been clogged since birth.  We were hopeful that they'd open on their own, but they haven't and they have gotten more and more irritated as time has passed.  It's a minor 10-minute procedure, but he does have to have anesthesia.  Obviously, I'm worried about this, and already losing a little sleep.  I keep trying to give myself some perceptiveness that we could be facing something far worse than a 10 minute outpatient procedure, and this is "no big deal" in the grand scheme of things...easier said that done.  I'm sure those 10 minutes (or however long he's "away" from us next week) will be some of the longest minutes of my life, I'm not looking forward to it.  I am looking forward to not having to rub and clean his eyes off multiple times a day.  He has really started to hate it, so I won't miss that little battle.  So, say a prayer for our little man for a quick, safe, and successful surgery next Thusday, and say a little prayer for this worried Momma!

We are counting down until Cooper's birthday party!  We are going to celebrate with the entire family at Grandpa & Papa Farm's House, so that's definitely something we are all looking forward to!

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