Monday, October 13, 2014

Cooper-10 Months

Cooper is officially 10 months old!?!  I'm not sure where the last 10 months have gone, but they have flown by.  This picture captures the essence of Cooper pretty well.  He's a silly, little spitfire full of smiles.  At 10 months, I think he might be starting to grow just a little bit.  He's weighing about 18lbs and a few ounces.  I think he's probably 29 or 30 inches long...I haven't officially measured him.  The 9 month clothes are finally fitting better than the 6 months, and we're finishing up the last of the size 2 diapers.

He has also been sleeping a bit better lately too.  For the last few days he's been waking up between 5:30 or 6 for breakfast, and then going back to bed until after 8.  Makes for a long day for me, but he seems happy.  Since his new favorite thing is to pull up and stand, this has made bedtime lots of fun.  He loves to stand up in his crib and peak out the door.  He's so proud of himself!  It's adorable (naughty), but adorable.

Cooper wants to be a big kid.  He could care less about bottles or baby food.  He wants the real stuff.  He doesn't like everything I give him, but he wants it.  He is at the stage of if you're eating something, you better expect to share.  He also tries to do things like big kids...standing, walking, climbing, etc.  He can't wait to grow up.  He is walking a few steps here and then (holding onto something, of course).  I expect he'll be walking well before his birthday, but we'll see.

He still only have 2 teeth.  I swear my kids are the slowest teethers on the planet.  They seem to be bothering him a bit more these days.  I hope that means we're getting closer to them actually coming in.  Poor kid has been dealing with them for months.

I think he's on the verge of dancing.  I've caught him rocking and bouncing to the beat when something is playing.  I can't wait for him to have a big dance party with his big sister.  He also seems to be asking for a set of drums for Christmas (don't get any ideas, grandparents!), as he is always drumming on something.

He's still looking for trouble.  Recent favorites have been outlets, power cords, and dog bowls.  He thinks he's very funny when he gets busted (except when Delaney is doing the busting).  He gets himself stuck in small spaces, and just gets mad.  He goes over things rather than around them...this includes toys, pillows, Daddies, and books. Speaking of Daddy, Cooper has become a bit of a Daddy's boy here recently.  It's so fun to watch.  He thinks Daddy is pretty funny!

Cooper seems to be getting louder, crazier, and more funny the older he gets.  His little personality and smile are such a blessing!  We love him to pieces.

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