Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Cooper-9 months

Cooper's 9 month official stats:
Height:  27.5 in. (10-25%)
Weight:  17lbs 8oz (10-25%)
Head:  18 in.  (75%)

So, as you can see at 9 months, Cooper remains just a little peanut!  He's growing at a steady rate on his curve, but he's still on the smaller side for other babies his age.  We are just on the verge of outgrowing his 6 month clothes, and the size 2 diapers are still working for now.  We are hitting the new size right at the change of seasons, and we are matching up with Cousin Chase's & friend Graham's handmedowns perfectly!  (Sorry to cousin Parker!)

Cooper is so active these days it's crazy!  I cannot for the life of me remember Delaney being this active!  He's all over the place crawling up a storm, and starting to pull up on things and stand.  His favorite "toys" are the houseplants, dog bowls, and bathroom cabinets!  He's all boy...  He is starting to play with the Little People Farm and Princess Castle (sorry Daddy!) that were Delaney's.  I think we may have some more boyish Little People toys on our upcoming birthday & Christmas lists!  He is also a fan of the stacking cups and the foam numbers and letters!  (I had to pick those up because the crazy kid is obsessed with flip flops!)

Coop is trying new foods all the time.  I think we could be on all table foods by 10 months, but we'll see.  Some days are better than others!  His "real food" favorites so far are Cheerios, grapes, bananas, and peas.  He's starting that stage where he wants to eat whenever anyone else is.  The addition of more solids has made him a bit of a lazy eater when it comes to nursing and bottles.  We are getting by, and I'm hoping we can stretch it just a couple more months to avoid formula!  Our pediatrician said that if we can make it to 11 months on breast milk, we can start whole cow's milk vs. introducing formula for just one month...so that's the goal!

I discovered last week that I was starving my poor kid at bedtime, and that's why he wasn't sleeping very well.  After making a full adjustments to make sure he gets around 6-7oz. of milk at bedtime, he has sleep all night for a week (knock on wood!)!  This is a huge improvement!  I feel very guilty that it look me so long to figure it out, and I still think teething has contributed to his poor sleeping, but I'm happy to find something that works!  We still only have 2 teeth on the bottom, but the 4 on top could pop through any day!  

Cooper is quite the character these days!  There's a lot of personality in that tiny little body!  He is full of smiles and laughs, and he is starting to babble all the time!  Da-da is a favorite!  He also has a bit of an ornery streak.  He still doesn't know what "NO" means, but he's hearing it enough these days he'll figure it out soon!  He will take his cup and hold it over the edge of the highchair and just look at you with a sly little grin until he drops it!  Little stinker!  He still adores his big sister, although he's been very "hands-on" with him lately.  She is a nervous-nelly, helicopter sister!  She is so worried he's going to fall or get into something that she will manhandle him at the slightest opportunity!  

Cooper brings our family so much joy and he just fits in so perfectly!  It's hard to remember what life was like without our little man!  

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