Monday, July 2, 2012

Summer fun!

We love to accessorize!
I thought after our trip to Vancouver, summer would slow down for us.  Boy was I wrong!  We are still in a week-by-week mode, and I'm still exhausted!  We have been spending a lot of time in the evenings enjoying the shade of the front yard, while Delaney puts on a show for the neighbors!  She is a little fish, and loves everything water this summer!  We even splurged last week and got a bigger pool for her.  This one is 10 ft long and 2 ft deep, so all three of us can enjoy it!  We've used it twice, and so far it has more than paid for itself!  She loves it! 

Delaney loves her water table!
For some reason I decided the week after our trip would be the perfect time to transition Delaney to a toddler bed!  She had made the transition at daycare without any trouble, and she slept in a toddler bed at grandma's house while we were gone with no trouble.  I thought that meant that we'd have an easy transition at home!  WRONG!  This girl is smart & stubborn, and she knows how to work me over!  After two weeks of battling between the toddler bed & the baby bed (pack & play), I instituted "Bedtime Bootcamp".  We took down the baby bed and hid it downstairs where she can't see it.  We set up a CD player in her room for special "big girl music", which also gives us something reasonable to take away when she gets out of bed!  So far, she has been making progress.  She has stayed in bed all night after initially falling asleep.  The hardest part has been getting her to fall asleep...she averages about 1.5-2 hours any given night.  She stays in her bed/room for the most part, but she just refuses to sleep.  Poor kid is exhausted!  She is steadily shortening that time frame, but it's still taking WAY too long!  I hope she gets over this soon.

We even managed a little toddler pedicure! 
Dinnertime has also become a battle.  She is up & down constantly.  She has to go potty at least once every meal.  She has started passing food along to Izzy.  She demands all sorts of things when we don't give her chicken nuggets or mac & cheese.  She prefers condiments to actual food; in fact, on more than one occasion she has eaten ketchup or ranch dressing with a spoon!  I know I'm not a gourmet chef by any means of the imagination, but seriously this girl is testing me!  Her favorite thing to do is say "D no like this!" before she even takes a bite!  Little turd!
Delaney loves her "bike", but she has far more fun pushing it into the street t

I keep trying to remind myself that she's only two, but sometimes I swear it's like she's 14!  I can already hear the bedroom door slamming in a few years with this one!  I also think that the crazy summer we've had is catching up to her a little bit.  She has been tossed around quite a bit, and it's obviously taking a toll.  Thankfully she's only punishing us as she's remained fairly well-behaved for her grandparents & Holly!  I think once we get this sleeping thing under control we will all be so much happier. I can totally tell a difference if she falls asleep before 9 and if it's after 10.  That hour makes a world of difference for this stubborn little girl! 

Blurry picture, but a sweet smile!

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