Monday, March 26, 2012

A Sesame Street Birthday Party!

The day before Delaney's birthday, we celebrated with all her friends and family!  We enjoyed the most perfect weather, and lots of yummy food!  We threw in some Sesame Street things to keep the guest of honor excited!  Delaney has been all about the "Street" lately, so when it came time to select a theme it was no question we had to go with them!  I didn't want to go too over the top "cheese", but I still wanted Delaney to be excited about everything!  I didn't do the best job with capturing the event or all the wonderful friends and family that were here with the camera, but here are a few shots from the party!
The party was of course brought to you by the letter "D" and the number "2"!  This year I took on the baking duties myself, and made some Chocolate Chip Cookies and mini cupcakes!

Here's a close-up of Delaney's little cupcake and "2" candle, although she totally preferred the cookies to the cupcakes!

My mom is notorious for not smiling in photos, so this had to be posted as this is as good as it gets!

Yes!  I had a total cheeseball moment and got all three of us Sesame Street t-shirts!  I know, I know!

Some of the decor included lots of color and balloons!  All three of Delaney's "Papas" are in this photo!

Of course, Izzy had to get up close & personal with some of the guests.  Here she is face to face with Craig's grandpa!  Great grandpa was very sick for last years party, so we were so thankful he could come this year!

Chase came to play too!  He was such a happy guy all day, and had lots of fun trying out all of Delaney's new things!  It's so fun to see Delaney & him interact!

We were sadly missing one generation here, but we hope to get together with my grandma over Easter!

Here's Papa with his two babies!  He's just a little smitten with these two cuties!

As much as this kid loves to blow bubbles and blow on her "hot" food, she looked at us like were crazy when we were trying to get her to blow out the candle!  Luckily Daddy is full of hot air!

She loved the singing, but didn't know what to think about the cupcake!

"Ok, I'll hold it for a while, but I'm not eating it!"

Delaney was completely spoiled rotten by all her peeps!  Check out these new shades that she's going to have to grow into a little bit!

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