Tuesday, March 20, 2012

2 Year Old Stats

I have always knows we had a big girl, and I was fully aware that we just went through a significant growth spurt.  Knowing all of this, I walked into our pediatrician's office this morning fulling expecting to hear what I heard:

Delaney is off the charts!

For the first time, Delaney is officially off the growth charts for both height & weight!  The good news is that thanks to her "big" genes from Daddy, and the fact that she has always remained proportionate, her doctors & nurses are not concerned.  In fact, her BMI (Body Mass Index) has actually been decreasing since it's peak around the 9 month mark.  She is still well below the range 75% that starts to make doctors worry!  So all in all, she's a perfectly healthy, growing girl!  Here are her official stats:

Height:  37 1/2" (Over 98%)
Weight:  34 lbs 2 oz (Over 98%)
Head:  19 1/4" (90%)

Not only is she big, she's tough too.  She had to have one immunization and a finger poke.  She didn't even flinch or cry at the finger poke, and she cried all of 10 seconds with the shot.  Her Daddy is far more of a baby than that!  I'm so proud of my tough girl!

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