Wednesday, April 20, 2011

In honor of full accountability

I have taken the first step and started up 30 Day Shred this week after months of procrastinating. I started yesterday, so I have now completed Level 1, days 1 & 2. Let me tell you that judging by how much my body hurts...this is LONG overdue! I hurt everywhere! If it doesn't get better before tomorrow I don't know what I'm going to do. I have been getting up at 6:15 when Craig's alarm goes off, so that I can squeeze in the workout (& hopefully my shower) before our little diva wakes up! This week she has been a sleepy head, sleeping in until at least 8 a.m. every day, so that has greatly helped my cause!

In other efforts to get healthy, I gave up fast food for Lent. With only a few days left, my french fry craving is getting serious; but, other than that I haven't really missed it too much. Obviously, it makes quick lunches difficult, but it's been totally doable. I've been more consistent with taking my lunch to work, which has helped our bank account as well as my waistline. Every little bit helps!

My love affair with food (and sweets) continues... This is definitely the hardest part for me! I'm the type to eat when I'm nervous or stressed unlike those crazy people who waste away into nothing when they are stressed. Why couldn't I have been so lucky!?! I have a serious problem with self-restraint. I try and try, and then boom! It happens, and I cave! I've been trying to do better and resisted many things lately, but this is a constant battle for me. One that I often lose! Starvation of all things "good" (cutting out sweets or carbs) isn't an option for me, moderation is the key! This will be very important with the yummy holiday weekend coming up!

With the hope that Spring is almost finally here, I hope our family walks will become a nightly event! Both of the girls (Izzy & Delaney) absolutely love to go, so it's a nice way to spend some family time & get in a little workout as a bonus! I also hope that with the addition of the swing set to our backyard, we will all be enjoying the backyard and running around out there more often! With Delaney being the little water baby that she is, I have to do something in order to get my fat ass into a swimsuit to take her swimming this summer!

Speaking of Delaney, she's a busy girl these days! She has started taking more and more independent steps over the last week. She has covered some serious ground, and I think it quite close to becoming a full-time walker very soon! She has also found her voice recently! She now babbles all the way to Holly's in the mornings, all the way home in the evenings, all through dinner, etc. She has a lot to say! Little Miss Independent has also declared herself a vegetarian at the tender age of 1. She is refusing to eat almost any meat we put in front of her. It has to be quite disguised to even get a few bites in, and then we're lucky if it's more than one bite! She will sit and scream until we give her a fruit or vegetable. Oh, boy...she's a stubborn little girl! I can already predict, she will be that child that throws herself down in the grocery store in a fit of glory when she doesn't get her way...something to look forward to!

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