Thursday, April 7, 2011

At a loss...

So now that the birthday party is over and the baby shower has come and gone, I must admit I'm a little at a loss of what to do. I don't have any parties to plan?!? I've had so many nice comments about the parties I've done lately about how I should open a business, plan parties for real, etc. Honestly, if money and health insurance didn't matter, I would totally do it! I absolutely love it! As much as I love Craig and loved our wedding day, I would get married 18 times over just to plan the wedding again. It is so much fun! I know I'm a nerd.... I'm searching for reasons to plan the next's probably a little too early to start planning Delaney's second birthday, so I might have to get more creative with the occasion!

In other news, we are finally on the mend. We have been a bunch of sickies since Delaney's birthday party. Craig and I had the flu that was passed around, and then last week Delaney got a nasty cold. After a few days at home and lots of rest, she is doing much better. This weekend our house is getting a good cleaning and airing out to get rid of all the germs!

Craig has been busy planning Delaney's swing set! We have almost all of the pieces purchased, so we are just hoping for a weekend of nice weather soon to get it put together! I'm really hoping this will be something Delaney can enjoy for a long time! (Along with her friends and cousins!)

We spent last weekend showering some family members who have big occasions coming up. We went to a bridal shower for Craig's cousin Jennifer on Saturday morning. She's getting married in June! We also went to a baby shower for Craig's cousin Tess on Saturday morning. She's having a baby boy mid-May. Then, on Sunday we went to another baby shower for Jess to spoil Baby M some more! It will be an exciting couple months here soon! I can't wait!

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