Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Well, ready or not, winter is here! We are all but snowed in, and personally I'm kinda enjoying it. It sounds like tomorrow may be even worse as 40mph winds are supposed to kick in soon! Yikes! I'm really not looking forward to getting out and about into it. Because of this wonderful snow storm we are having, Craig decided to breakdown and get a snow blower. After 4 stops, his latest "homeowner toy" was his. I really think he had fun dealing with the snow tonight. He even asked if I thought he'd have to do it again tonight. I thought that was pretty funny! Honestly, he probably will!

Izzy isn't enjoying the snow much. We had to clear a path from the deck to the backyard, so she could have an easier time with bathroom breaks! Craig tried to get her to play a little in the snow tonight...poor thing, the snow comes up to her belly, so she had serious trouble running! She looks like a deer leaping and bounding through the snow. It works better than running right now. She was shivering when they came in! I'm thinking it's time for a puppy parka!

Me and baby are trying to stay in and warm as much as we can. The little munchkin has been kicking me a lot these past few days. I'm hoping Craig will get to feel it soon! I spent the afternoon at home cleaning the house, doing laundry, and baking my birthday cake! I'm looking forward to enjoying a piece later.

Craig is putting the final coat on the nursery walls as I type, so pictures to come soon! Apple 5 looks great...very green! I think we can officially call it a success after so many color failures. It's getting more and more real around here every day!

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