Thursday, September 17, 2009

Our family is growing...

Yes! That's right, the Mencke family is getting a new addition this spring! We are expecting our first little one around April 15th! We are so excited and feel truly blessed!

We are 10 weeks along, and so far so good! Craig says I'm crabby (and I know I am sometimes), but that's all part of it! So far, my chief complaints are that I am SOOOOO tired all the time and I have been having migraines again! I had mono in high school, and this is about 100 times worse. It doesn't matter if I sleep for 12 hours at night, I am still a zombie by mid-afternoon! I have also had more migraines again. Luckily the really bad ones have hit on the weekends, but I have some sort of a headache every couple days. My doctor says that this should get better in a few weeks...we are crossing our fingers! I feel a little queasy once in a while...typically in the evenings, but so far the "morning" sickness hasn't been too bad!

We went to our first doctor's appointment on Monday this week, and that was pretty cool! After all the poking & prodding, we got to hear the baby's heartbeat! It was very cool! It made it all a little more "real" for us! My doctor was pleased with everything, and we will go back in 4 weeks!

Both of our families have been great! Everyone is so supportive & excited! I'm getting the most amusement thus far out of my siblings, who have been dying with this secret for 3 weeks! Our family isn't good with lying or secrets, so this has been tough on them! One of the many things I'm looking forward to is to see how everybody interacts with this baby! It should be quite entertaining!

I think Izzy knows too! Some say dogs can sense it, and I totally agree! She has been very cuddly and sweet with me. I can't wait to see what she does with the little one! I'm sure she will be the baby's protector, and absolutely adore her new sibling! Izzy was our way of telling our immediate family & friends! We ordered a doggie t-shirt for her online that said "I'm not supposed to say anything, but...Mommy's having a baby!" It's pretty cute, and whenever we put it on her it's almost like she knows she's wearing big news! She gets all crazy & excited!

So enough rambling for now, but check back often because we have lots to share these days!

Oh, and we won't be fining out the gender, so name suggestions (both ways) will be appreciated & considered!

Oh again, my two best girlfriends are also expecting their first babies (both in February), and I couldn't be more excited to share this crazy experience with them! I know I will appreciate them more and more the further into this I get!

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