Monday, January 12, 2009

Welcome To My Blog

I've been reading more and more blogs lately, so I thought I would give it a try. I am constantly finding myself with random thoughts so I would imagine this blog would be fairly random at times.

If you don't know me, I'm a newlywed (since August), first-time homeowner, and first-time pet parent within the last 6 months. It's been one crazy ride, but a whole lot of fun. Craig and I are still adjusting to all of it, but so far so good.

Craig and I have been together for over 7 1/2 years...yes, we're high school sweethearts! We went all through college at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, and after we both graduated we decided it was high time to tie the knot. We grew up about 11 miles apart and our families have known each other long before we were ever born.

We bought our first home last June, but didn't move in until after our wedding in August. It's starting to feel more and more like home, but the walls are still naked. I really need to get into the home decorating thing...maybe after tax refund time!

We got our adorable little puppy, Izzy, on September 20th. She's a beagle and lots of fun! Considering, I have never had a dog before this was a huge deal for me, but I haven't regretted it for a minute! I'm still amazed how much she has changed our lives...for the better of course!

According to just about everyone we talk too, it seems like the next logical step is a little one ( a baby). No immediate plans as of right now, but we'll see what happens after while!


  1. Welcome to the blogging community. Heard the weather was suppose to turn pretty bad on Wednesday...

  2. Yeah! Glad to see you blogging. Just another website for me to look at! Keep it updated sista.


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