Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Cooper-8 months

Cooper is officially 8 months old as of last Sunday!  It's so hard to believe that he's already 8 month old and he's getting closer & closer to his big birthday!  We had a few more milestones this past month...he FINALLY has 2 teeth!  That's right, two, came in on the same day, while he was at Grandma's house for his first sleepover without Mommy.  He was just shy of 8 months when they popped through, so he's about a month ahead of his big sister in the teething department!  I'm also not too sure we won't be getting more teeth on top here any time!

Cooper has also become fully mobile!  He was a rolling fool last month, and over the last couple weeks he has perfected his army crawl.  The kid's going to have some serious upper-body strength.  He is quick and just ornery enough that he is already getting himself into trouble!  He discovered the dog food bowl just this morning, so I'm sure he'll be sampling some within a week!  Little stinker!  He also LOVES to rummage through my purse when it's on the floor and get out any of Delaney's toys that are within his reach.  He's a curious little guy!  He has also mastered the move from sitting up to laying down gracefully without the loud thump of the head on the ground.  Quick learner, he is!

He weighs roughly 17.6 lbs, and I haven't had a chance to measure him lengthwise here recently.  I'm guessing he's about 27.5 or 28in. long.  He still seems like a little peanut for his age.  He hasn't grown out of any of his clothes or diapers lately, so it looks like we won't be needing a new wardrobe until fall.  He's definitely getting more "wear" out of his clothes than his sister ever did.

He continues to be one of the happiest babies around.  He is full of smiles and giggles, but he has started to develop a little shyness in crowds of strangers.  It's pretty cute!  He has heard the word "no" more frequently, but so far he thinks that's just a challenge.  We'll tell him "no", and he gets a little sly grin on his face and does whatever anyway.  Little stinker!

He is still a huge fan of Big Sister Delaney.  She has gotten more "hands-on" with him lately, and he tolerates it very well most of the time.  I keep telling her one of these days he's going to be bigger than she is, so she better play nice.  She thinks I'm nuts!  He also still loves her brand of loud, crazy silliness.  She'll be completely loud and obnoxious, and we'll tell her to stop or be quiet while he's laughing hysterically at her.  He doesn't help our cause!

I'm betting we'll have a full-on crawler by Labor Day, so we better get the final "baby-proofing" done.  Time to put away some of the younger baby toys and break out the big stuff!  Our little man is growing up too fast!

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