Monday, July 21, 2014

Cooper-7 months

Cooper-7 months
Well, our little guy turned 7 months old about 10 days ago right as we were getting ready to leave for our annual Okoboji trip, so I never got his monthly update posted!  At the 7 month mark, he roughly weighed in at 17lbs 2 oz. and measured about 27in. long.  These are the best measurements I could get at home.  We don't have an official check-up with the pediatrician until 9 months, so these will have to do.  He is steadily growing and changing!  He is still wearing size 2 diapers and size 6 month clothes.

Over the last month he has added another "meal" of baby foods and cereals at Holly's house.  He seems to enjoy eating like a big boy.  As soon as we finally get some teeth to come in and get this chewing things down, I imagine we will be adding more and more "table" foods to his diet.  He has tried a few things here and there, and so far the only thing he really seemed to like was bananas.

At this point, I will have to admit we've regressed to an official not-sleep-through-the-night-yet baby.  He did really well around 3-4 months, but over the last few he has definitely been up in the night at least once--often more time) a majority of the nights.  We are lucky to have 1 night a week that he sleeps all night.  I keep blaming his teeth, but maybe it's me.  Delaney was always such a good sleeper, so we've never had to sleep train.  Most methods seem a little tough when you factor in that Cooper & Delaney are sharing a room.

He is a more steady sitter every day.  He can sit and play for several minutes unassisted; however, he will still thump over if he moves too quickly.  He looks so little when he's just sitting up there.  Delaney loves to sit with him and "catch" him when he falls.  He is also working on crawling.  He has the leg motion down, he just needs to figure out what to do with his arms.  I'm not sure if I'm ready for a totally mobile baby yet!  Time to lace up the running shoes again!

He still remains full of smiles and personality.  He loves to laugh and make others laugh.  He finds his sister hilarious, and obviously adores her.  They were separated for 5 days while she spent some time with cousin Chase, and their reunion was so precious!  His favorite toy is his jumper.  He goes absolutely nuts in that thing.  You can't photograph him because he's just a blur.  He jumps and squeals and jumps and squeals.  It's too funny!  He has also figured out that splashing in the bath tub is quite fun!

We still have no teeth!  After 3 months of lots of working on it, nothing.  I can't believe it as I thought we were so close a couple months ago.  Delaney didn't get her first one until 9 months, and unfortunately we might be looking at a repeat with Mr. Cooper.  I do think he's learned to handle it a little better, but he still have some very obviously painful moments.  I don't understand why my kids have such long teething battles.  Poor baby!

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