Monday, April 14, 2014

Cooper-4 months

Cooper-4 months
Last Thursday, Cooper turned 4 months old!  It baffles me where the time has gone!  We had his check-up with the pediatrician on Friday, and here are his 4 month stats:

Weight:  13lbs 15oz.  (25-30%)
Height:  24 3/4in: (25%)
Head:  16in: (75%)

He's growing and developing right on track!  He's on the verge of rolling over from tummy to back, and I expect this to happen ANY day!  He is also apparently an extremely early teether.  His front two bottom teeth have dealing him fits the past few weeks, and the last couple days have been NO FUN!  They are so swollen and tender, I hope they pop through for him.  His sister didn't get her first tooth until 9 months, so this is CRAZY early for our house!

We got the green light from the doctor to attempt some cereal and/or veggies depending on how it goes.  So, we'll be giving that a go here in the next few days.  I'm not sure how he'll react.  He eats like a champ, and is "all business" at mealtime, so I'm not sure what this will be like!  Delaney wasn't a fan of cereal until closer to 6 months.  She preferred the oatmeal cereal over the rice cereal, so we'll see what Cooper thinks.

He is still wearing his 3 month clothes, but the one-piece sleepers are getting rapidaly too short.  I need to get the 6-month size jammies washed and ready to go.  He's still comfortably in the size 1 diapers.  He seems to be chunking up all of a sudden.  His cheeks are huge, and he's getting those adorable "baby rolls" all over it seems!

Cooper has quite the personality!  When he's not fighting with his teeth or tired, he is a happy and smiley guy that loves to make people laugh!  I'm thinking we might have a little class clown on our hands!  He's already such a little boy, too.  He thinks all things "gross" are hilarious!  He also finds it pretty amusing when his sister gets in trouble!  He's a notorious hair-puller these days, so Delaney and I need to be on our toes if we don't want to suffer.  He finds this funny too!

It's hard believe our little man is already 4 months old, but it also seems like he's always been here!  He fits in to our little family perfectly.  He's that long-lost missing piece!  We love you, Cooper Bryant, to the moon & back!

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