Monday, January 28, 2013

2012 Month by Month

I thought I'd do a quick annual recap of 2012 before January ends.  So, here goes the trip down memory lane...
January marked the start of Potty Training Boot Camp at our house.  Now a year later, I realize that we likely started a little bit too early even though she caught on fairly quickly!

February was pretty uneventful!  We continued with the potty training and a little fun in the snow!

We had crazy warm weather in March, and had a wonderful 2nd birthday party for Delaney!  It was 80 degrees and we were all outside in shorts and tshirts in Mid-March!

April meant Easter, and Delaney thoroughly enjoyed all the festivities from Easter egg dying to the egg hunts!

May was a busy month of weddings, graduations, and traveling, but Craig still managed to plant a nice little garden in the back yard!

June marked our big trip to Vancouver!  It was an amazing trip to a wonderful city! It really was a trip of a lifetime!

We spent a quarter of July in Okoboji!  It was hot and steamy but a great vacation!  Delaney took her first swim in the lake, and nobody had to go to the emergency room this year! 

August was a long, hot, dry month here.  I think the highlight was when we invaded our neighbors house for a little payback prank!

September brought football season, so we all broke the Red out!  Craig ventured down to KC for a game, so Delaney and I headed North to see Papa & Chase!

October started the debate of what to be for Halloween.  In the end Minnie Mouse beat out Spiderman, and Grandma Tekamah whipped up a wonderful costume!  Don't be surprised if you see it again for a certain birthday party coming up in March! 

November is really all about the food!  Probably 80% of all the pictures from November were of Delaney eating something...

December brought the big girl bed to our house, and she LOVES it!  Now, if we could only get her to calm down and actually fall asleep in it within an hour, we'd  be set!

As you can see 2012 changed our little baby into a big girl...she changed so much this year!  I can only imagine the changes we'll see is 2013!

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