Wednesday, April 25, 2012

It is what it is...

It's been a little bit nutty around here, and honestly it's only going to get worse before it gets better.  My grandmother "Grammy H" isn't good.  She hasn't been for a while now, but it just seems to getting worse.  It's a long story, but the short version is that she's 80, she's stubborn, she's incredibly weak & can barely walk, she can hardly talk, she eats next to nothing, and her cognitive abilities are failing her.  She hasn't been diagnosed with anything, and there aren't any real answers as to why any of this is just is.  Last week, we were told she is likely a candidate for hospice care if the new medications didn't show any improvement.  So far, she's eating a little bit better, but nothing else has changed.  I haven't seen her since Easter, but it's so hard to "see" her like this.  I still remember that fiery lady telling us to get out of her kitchen at Christmas or giving me hell for dying my hair red.  She's my only remaining grandparent, and this whole situation just makes me sad.  Any spare prayers, would be greatly appreciated! 

We have also learned in the last week that my sister and her family (Nick & Chase) will be relocating to Storm Lake, Iowa, so that Nick can take a new job.  This is a great opportunity for Nick, but we are all sad to see them go.  This move will double the distance between!  They don't want to move, nobody wants them to leave, but it's what they need to do.  It is what it is...  The good news is that there are some potential teaching job openings for Jess, and Chase isn't old enough to realize too much what is going on around him.  I'm just going to have to get a lot better at "Skyping"!    Say a little prayer that they get their house sold quickly and Jess gets one of those open jobs, and are able to make a good fresh start over there! 

We have a lot of activities/outings/events coming in the next few months.  ALL of it will be fun, but the timing is slightly overwhelming for a Type-A person like me!  We will be coming & going a lot.  Poor Delaney will be shuffled between home, daycare, & grandparents.  I'm worrying a lot about all of it with regards to her sleeping, potty training, behavior, etc.  I'm preparing for the worst & hoping for the best.  Everyone says "kids adapt", so I'm hoping they are right!  We also were surprised with a trip to Vancouver in June through my work!  It was an incentive trip for our office and the boys had other trips planned at the same time, so it was offered to me!  Aside from some new clothes (which we honestly needed anyway), it's expense free for us!  Talk about luck...we couldn't have dreamed about a trip like this at this point in our lives, so we are beyond excited & grateful!  Aside from one meeting, it's a vacation full of fun activities (think deep sea Salmon Fishing (for Craig) and Sea Safaris) and fancy dinners.  Of course, if you know me at all you know I'm freaking out about leaving Delaney behind for 5 nights, the plane crashing, and all things of that nature.  That coupled with all the other stress in life right now is starting to catch up with me a bit. 

I'm typically not one to have trouble sleeping at night, but lately that has been awful!   I've never been one to handle stress well, but thankfully so far this hasn't triggered any migraine headaches (knock on wood!)  I'd take sleep deprivation over migraines any day of the week!  My mind gets the best of me in the wee hours, and I have a lot of trouble shutting it off.  My doctor gave me some "help" last week, so I'm starting to get caught up--although last night sucked!  I'm also trying to make a bigger effort to get to the gym, as that's supposed to help with stress too (not to mention, I'm still struggling to lose some of this weight, so something's gotta give!).  I am trying to get in the habit of going first thing in the morning at 6 a.m., so I can be home before Craig needs to leave.  It was getting harder and harder to go over lunch between conference calls & meetings.  This is also my only "kid-free" time to run errands, so it was hard to give that up.  I also have a lot of excuses of why not to go to the gym by 8 p.m. when Delaney goes to bed, so I'm hoping the mornings will work out.  Let's just hope I don't turn into a raging zombie!   

We have a lot on our plates, but we are hanging in! 

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