Monday, February 20, 2012

Photo Dump Update

 Delaney and I had a little "self-portrait" fun after dinner a couple weeks ago!  She's far more photogenic than I am...obviously!

 We watch a lot of snow fall a couple weekends ago.  We even had an impromptu block party in the middle of the snow storm.  My camera was charging at the!
 Delaney has spent a lot of time lately playing dress-up.  She is finding everything she can to wear!  My shoes, Craig's shoes, hats, pants as hats, so fun! 
 Isn't she cute?
 We met the Aerni family at the Lincoln Children's Museum two weeks ago! 
 We got a family membership as a Christmas gift, and this is really going to be gift that keeps on giving the whole year through.
 Delaney loved watching herself on the TVs!  Maybe we have a little superstar on our hands!

 Demonstrating her jumping skills on the stage!
 Daddy might have just as much fun as Delaney did!
 Delaney took it upon herself to interrupt Parker and his Mommy's story time.  So nice of her!
These have been a little calmer here the last few days.  We all got a much needed break last weekend.  Delaney spent the night with Grandma & Papa B up in Tekamah while Craig and I celebrated our future sister-in-law's 21st birthday!  Jess & Nick came down too, so we all had a lot of fun!  Craig and I also got enjoy a belated Valentine's Day dinner out Saturday night while Mom & Dad stayed at the house with Delaney.  Aside from another small cold, we are all feeling much better now! 

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